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2005 Mercedes SL500 Audio Upgrades

This vehicle came to us due to the factory installed navigation system failing. The customer decided since we were going to be rebuilding the dash to accomadate the aftermarket navigation system why not go with the new 8" Alpine INE-Z928HD. Due to us changing the headunit out we had to go around the factory amplifier which required us to install an aftermarket amp. Since we were doing that the customer decided we should improve the sound which we did by installing a set of component speakers from Audison. When we were done this vehicle had incredible amounts of mid bass and a huge improvement over the factory BOSE system. We were also able to integrate the factory steering wheel controls which we were told by one of our manufactures that this couldn't be done

  • The dash was rebuilt to accomodate the new Alpine 8" INE-Z928HD navigation system. We were also able to keep the factory steering whhel controls integrated into the system
  • Amplification is handled by a single Kenwood eXcelon XR-5s 5 channel amplifier mounted under the back seat in place of the factory amp
  • To improve the overall sound quality we installed a VOCE component system from Audison in the door locations with the tweeters being installed in custom built pods on the A pillars. Once the pods were done we rewrapped them in factory Mercedes vinyl
  • An Alpine color reverse camera was added to the back of the vehicle to keep the driver safe from backing over things
  • A curb alert system was installed on the front of the vehicle to keep the driver from hitting the front of the vehicle on steep driveways and curbs