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2007 BMW 328xi Audio Upgrade

The female owner of this vehicle came to us as she wasn't happy with the sound of the factory system in her car. She had previously owned a Lexus with the premium audio package and that is the kind of sound she wanted out of her new car. We easily surpassed that. The one request she had was she didn't want to see any of the equipment when we were done. The only thing visible is the subwoofer in the trunk which she was fine with as long as it was out of the way and protected. Her exact words when we were done was that the car sounded beautiful.

  • We left the factory headunit in place since the vehicle was equipped with the factory iPod kit
  • Front speakers are upgraded with a Hertz Hi-Energy three way system. The mid bass driver is mounted under the front seats in the factory woofer enclosures. To do this we had to rebuild the top portion of the enclosures. The mid range and tweeter are mounted in the factory locations in the doors. The rear soeakers were left factory and are powered off the factory amp
  • For low end bass we built a custom stealth box style enclosure in the driver's rear side of the trunk for a single JL Audio 10w1 10" woofer. The enclosure mounts just like the factory panels with factory style clips
  • An Audison Bit One processor was installed allowing us to tune the vehicle
  • Amplification is handled by a single JL Audio XD700/5 5 channel amplifier. The first 4 channels were used to run the mid bass woofers and mids and tweets. The fith channel of course powers the woofer
  • The amp and processor were mounted in an amp rack under the rear deck
  • All of the speaker and signal wiring is done with Audison products