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2009 Porsche 997 Turbo Audio Upgrades

The owner of this beautiful 997 Turbo purchased this vehicle with only 2500 miles on it. He wasn't happy with the factory audio system so he came to us. He was extremely happy with the sound and installation once we were done. The entire audio system is built off the factory navigation system.

  • The audio system starts with a Mobridge Toslink Preamp module. This piece allows us to integrate the entire audio system into the factory fiber optic audio system for the best sound quality possible. The digital signal then goes into an Audison Bit 10D processor.
  • Amplification is handled by a single Hertz HDP5 five channel amp. The front stage is bi-amped and the sub side of the amp is powering two JL Audio 8w3 woofers.
  • Front stage of the car is handled by a Hertz Mille components system. The woofers are mounted in Baltic birch baffles in the doors with plenty of Dynamat Dynalite to deaden the doors. The tweeters are mounted in custom built pods on top of the dash. These were wrapped and stitched to match the factory clock in the center of the dash.
  • We are not running any rear fill in this car do to the small size of the interior.
  • Low end bass is handled by a pair of JL Audio 8w3 woofers in a custom built enclosure. The enclosure was then wrapped in factory leather and sent out to be stitched to match the factory interior.

Nothing was modified on this car to perform this install. If the customer ever wants the car returned back to factory it's as easy as reinstalling the factory gear.