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2012 Audi A8L Audio Upgrade

This vehicle came straight to us from the dealership. The new owner wanted the factory B&O upgraded audio package. When the car wasn't available with that package the dealer knew to send him our way. This is the best sounding vehicle we have built to date. The original audio system consisted of 14 speakers. We turned it into a 9 speaker system with three amplifiers. All of this was done with no modifications to the vehicle and no loss of trunk space.

  • The front speakers are upgraded with Audison VOCE seperates. The woofers were mounted in custom built baffles made of baltic birch. The baffles were then sound deadened with a spray on material. The tweeters are mounted in custom built ABS mounts in the factory dash locations. The mounts were built so the tweeters are firing towards the rear view mirror for better imaging. The doors were also sound deadened with Dynamat Extreme. The same set up was used in the rear doors.
  • Amplification is handled by three Hertz HDP amplifiers. One HDP4 is bridged to power the front midbass drivers while a second HDP4 powers the front tweeters and the rear components. The third amp is a HDP1 mono-block powering a single Hertz 12" woofer in a sealed enclosure. The amplifiers are mounted to a custom built steel amp rack that is then mounted into the vehicle. The amp rack was welded in house. The rack is mounted behind the sub enclosure in the right side of the trunk. The enclosure was built with an intake section to allow fresh air to be pulled in over the amps by a fan.
  • For tuning and integration capabilities an Audison Bit One processor is mounted to a custom built aluminum bracket which is then mounted with the factory BOSE amp behind the rear seat.
  • The subwoofer enclosure is built entirely out of baltic birch for the upmost in sound quality. The enclosure was then sound deadened. The enclosure is built to mount over the top of the amp rack. A custom grill was then built to cover and protect the woofer. The woofer is a 12" Hertz HX series. The grill was then wrapped in factory Audi carpet.
  • To give the owner of the vehicle control of the sb while driving we turned his factory cigarette lighter into the subwoofer volume control. This keeps everything factory looking in the interior.
  • The theme of this build as with all of our builds was to keep the vehicle looking completely as if Audi would have done it. The customer feels we accomplished this goal.