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2012 Audi S5 Audio Upgrades

While the owner of this vehicle was happy with the performance of his new S5 drop top, he was not happy with the performance of the factory "upgraded" audio system. He stated the car had no presence or impact and that it didn't have any volume. With the top down and highway speeds, the factory audio system was barely noticeable. Once we were done with the car he was amazed at what a difference we had made.

  • The system starts with us sound deadening the front doors with Dynamat eXtreme and then installing the woofers from a set of Audison VOCE components in our baltic birch baffles. We then use acoustic foam to seal the speaker to the factory door panel keeping as much of the sound as possible from being lost into the door. The tweeters were then installed in the factory locations at each corner of the dash. The factory center channel was then deleted from the system
  • Rear speakers were left factory
  • For amplification we used a single Hertz HDP5 five channel amp. The front 4 channels are bi-amped to run the four front speakers. The sub channel powers a single JL Audio 10w3 ten inch woofer in a sealed box
  • The final piece to this drop top puzzle is the Audison Bit One processor. Without this processor, getting this car to sound the way that it does would have been tough.
  • Our goal with this car was to keep it as factory looking as possible. The enclosure and amp rack were kept simple as the customer didn't want to see the components when we were done. The only thing that hints to the audio system in this car is the two square grills on the back of the enclosure. These are in place to allow the amp and processor to keep cool. The enclosure is wrapped in factory Audi trunkliner carpet
  • All wiring and interconnects are done with Stinger and Audison accessories