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2013 Audi S7 Audio Upgrade

The owner of this beautiful S7 had waiting nearly 6 months for this car to come in after special ordering it. Once he took delivery, he found out how unimpressive the factory BOSE audio system was. He wanted to improve the audio system while keeping the factory appearance of the interior and not give up any cargo space. Our techs delivered exactly what he had asked. He considered ordering the car with the upgraded B&O audio package but he was glad he didn't once we got done with the car.

  • The front and rear stages of the vehicle were upgraded by installing the Hertz Mille Component speakers in the front and rear factory locations. The front tweeters are mounted in the factory dash locations with a custom built ABS plastic mount that aims the tweeters towards the center of the vehicle. The woofers are mounted in custom built fiberglass and Baltic birch baffles while the doors are deadened up with Dynamat's Dynalite material to keep weight addition to a minimum.
  • To dial the overall sound of the vehicle in we used an Audison Bit One 30 band EQ/Processor which is mounted in with the factory amplifier.
  • Amplification is handled by two JL Audio XD series amps. The first one is the XD800/8 8 channel which powers the entire front and rear stages of the vehicle. The second amp is an XD600/1 mono block powering the single JL subwoofer. The amps are mounted to the vehicle with a custom built aluminum amp rack located under the spare tire. This rack was designed in a way that it mounts to factory mounts in the car. No drilling or cutting on the car was done during this entire install.
  • To improve the low end response, we built a custom enclosure for a single JL Audio 8w7 8" woofer in the passenger side of the hatch. Notice that it is built around the factory tie down brackets and the factory 12v socket was relocated to the front of the enclosure, keeping all the factory features in place and usable