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2015 Audi RS5 Audio Upgrades

The owner of this rare "Audi Exclusive" RS5 saw another build that we had performed on an A8L(featured on our site) and was so impressed that he drove the vehicle up from Southern California for us to perform the build. This was one of those rare occasions that the customer allowed us to make modifications to the vehicle if needed for better sound quality. The only modification that we had to perform was to front load the tweeters in the factory locations on the doors. The audio system starts with Hertz Mille 3 way components in the front doors and Hertz Mille 2 way components in the rear locations. Amplification is handled by a trio of JL Audio HD series amps. Low end bass is taken care of by a pair of JL Audio 10w6 woofers in a custom built enclosure. Integrating into the factory system is handled by an Audison Bit One processor and Audison fiber optic interface. Not only does this car look incredible, it now sounds incredible.