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2015 Porsche Macan

The owner of this vehicle was tired of her Macan (that she had special ordered from Porsche) looking like all the other Macans when she walked out into a parking lot, so she asked what we could do to change this. She wanted the improvements we did to be subtle but noticeable at the same time. Basically she wanted people to look at the vehicle and ask “what kind of car is this or why does it look different than my Macan”? To accomplish this we ordered a custom one off set of 21” wheels from the Vossen Forged series. These wheels are custom engineered for the vehicle and finished in a custom color called Polished Platinum. This is the first Macan in the world to have this wheel and color fitted to it. The wheels were then wrapped in Michelin tires. To give the car a more aggressive stance we needed to lower it. This is not a vehicle that you simply install a set of lowering springs on because of the car having a factory adjustable air ride system. Her main request when it came to lowering the vehicle was not to lose the factory ride quality or adjustability. We achieved this by installing a lowering computer module from H&R springs. Thanks to this module we were able to lower the vehicle 1.5 inches while keeping the factory adjustability and ride quality. Changing the appearance of the vehicle without going crazy was a little more of a challenge due to the fact there isn’t much available in the aftermarket world for these vehicles. Thanks to Prior Designs USA we were able to import one of their wings from Germany for the car. Again, this is the first Macan in the country with this wing. It was the perfect amount of change for the car. To compliment the wing we also removed and painted the factory upper wing in factory white. While the vehicle was here we also tinted the front windows and added an ESCORT 9500ci fully integrated radar detection system.