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2016 GMC Denali Pickup

This client came in looking for the ultimate in radar protection but didn't want to see any of it. We helped him decide on the 9500ci Enhanced from ESCORT. To keep the stealth appearance we installed the display for the system in the rear view mirror and flush mounted the control panel in the center console. The front laser shifters blended perfectly into the front grill. Now he can travel with his mind at ease. He was also interested in changing the looks of his truck and get some more lighting. We accomplished this with a Go Rhino motorized chase rack light rack. This rack allows the lights to motorize up and down. When the client needs the extra light all he has to do is push a button and the bar will motorize up. When he wants a sleeker look all he has to do is push a button and the lights hideaway. For backing up we also flush mounted a set of RaceSprort LED's in the rear bumper.