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2016 Porsche Panamera GTS

The GTS series of vehicles from the Porsche line are loaded with performance. They can however suffer in the audio department which is the case with this Panamera. This car came equipped with the basic audio package which does nothing to enhance your driving experience. As with most of our clients, this gentleman wanted to hear and feel his audio, but not see it. Mission accomplished. Here is a break down of the audio system. Front stage consists of a pair of Hertz Mille ML280.3 tweeters in custom mounts in the factory dash locations and a pair of Hertz Mille ML1800.3 7" woofers in the doors. Baffles were constructed out of baltic birch for the woofers. Each door is completely sound deadened with our MESA Mat and Fast Ring acoustic rings. Rear stage consists of the same tweeters and a pair of Hertz Mille ML1650.3 6.5" woofers. For tuning capabilities we are using an Audiison Bit One which is mounted in place of the factory amplifier in the passenger floor under the carpet. Amplification is handled by a pair of JL Audio XD series amplifiers. The first being an XD 800/8 running the front and rear stage. A single XD1000/1 is powering the woofer. To give the owner control of the woofer we installed a JL Audio remote subwoofer control in place of the factory 12V socket in the front console. Low end bass is handled by a single JL Audio 10w6 woofer in a custom fabricated enclosure in the passenger side of the vehicle. To enhance the cosmetics we hydrodipped part of the enclosure in a carbon fiber material to match the factory carbon throughout the interior of the car. While the car was here we also applied our ceramic window film through the entire vehicle lowering interior temperatures on those hot days.