Car Comfort Upgrades

Vehicle Comfort Options

Most people spend more time in their vehicle on a daily basis than they do in their homes so why should you be uncomfortable while doing it. At Sounds Fast we offer a complete list of comfort options for your vehicle. Adding one or all of these options will make your daily commute far more enjoyable.

  • Heated Seats
  • Leather Seat Upgrades
  • Auto Dimming Rear View Mirrors With Outside Temperature Display
  • Cruise Control

Heated Seats

How uncomfortable is it to go out to your vehicle and climb into an ice cold seat? This can easily be avoided by having our techs at Sounds Fast install one of our carbon fiber heated seat kits. Our heated seat kits cover both the back and bottom cushions with a carbon fiber element keeping the entire seat nice and warm. Package these with one of our remote start systems and you have the perfect cold weather package for any vehicle.

Leather Upgrade

Isn't it frustrating when you are in the market for a new vehicle and when you go into the dealer you immediately fall in love with the fully loaded model that has the amazing looking two tone leather seats? Then you find out that package brings the sticker up way over what you are looking to spend. So you then look at the package that is in your price range and it has all the features you want, but it doesn't have that cool looking leather. It takes some of the excitement of the new car experience away. Don't worry though. Go ahead and purchase the vehicle that will save you tons of money and then come see us and we will install the leather upgrade for you at a third of the price of what that package was going to cost you at the dealer. Our leather upgrades are available in numerous color options including two-tone and suede inserts. Package it with our heated seat kits and you just turn your standard vehicle into a thing of beauty. 

Auto Dimming Mirrors

Headlight technology is improving every day which is great when you are driving the vehicle with the better headlights. It's not OK when you are driving the vehicle in front of one of these new and improved headlight systems.  Having a set of bright headlights in your rear view mirror can make night driving more uncomfortable and stressful than it already is. Here at Sounds Fast we carry a great selection of auto dimming rear view mirrors. Auto dimming mirrors come in many varieties. We have them from the basic simple auto dimming to the full feature packed unit with outside temperature/compass and built in monitor for a reverse camera. Stop by today and let us help you pick out the best solution for your vehicle.


Cruise Control

I knows it's hard to believe but there are still new vehicles being built without basic features like cruise control. Luckily Sounds Fast has you covered. We sell and install cruise control systems for almost any vehicle. Our cruise control kits are factory styles systems. All of our systems include OEM style stalks that mount to your steering column giving you a factory appearance and functionality. If you are in need of a cruise control system, give us a call or stop by today and let us make those long drives a little more comfortable.


In my workshops I talk about something that I do in my life that has helped me to grow a better business. It's my customer service notebook. In it, I keep a record of great - and not so great, customer service experiences that I am blessed or depressed with. I then review these notes and pull things from it to apply to my businesses. I find it a great reminder for what is really most important to the success of any business: a great product, knowledge of and belief in your product, and outstanding customer service. With these things you have the recipe and ingredients for a lasting business. Yesterday, I had a great experience and a few things to add to my notebook. I have been searching for an iPod dock for my car stereo for some time. I surfed the forums, googled manufacturers, and the outlook was dismal. I have an unusual make and model (as far as iPod connectors go) and most everything I read said it really couldn't be done. Fooey! I then started calling every car stereo shop in town. Several said, "sorry, we don't know of any product for your car." A couple of them said, "We'll look for something and call you back." ONE shop actually did call back - and within the hour. They had a solution. I didn't believe them. I played along though and placed an order for the product with them. When it came in, I brought the car in for the install. The shop was clean - even the bathroom. That's weird. Car stereo shops are a guy thing. Only guys work in car stereo shops and auto repair joints. Guys don't typically maintain spotless bathrooms without the help of women unless they are fanatics about attention to detail. This was a good sign. As I was turning over the keys, the owner posed the question, "How are you going to actually mount the iPod?". I figured I'd get one of those suction cup thingys or just throw it in the glove box. The guy said, "Our installers are pretty creative. If we can come up with a cool way to mount the iPod that looks clean, would you like us to do that?" Sure I would. Sounds good to me - pun intended. I thought about this afterwards: what a great upsell! It satisfies my needs perfectly and gives them a little icing on the cake. I'm all for it. I was still skeptical though. I left my car and went to the office and waited, anticipating that call..."Uh, Mr. Kubota, we're sorry but this device actually won't work with your car. You were right, you can't connect an iPod to it." The call came, but it was, "Mr. Kubota, we have a GREAT solution to mount your iPod, we can create a custom dock for it in your unused ashtray. It will look like a factory iPod dock and when you close the ashtray it is completely hidden." Bitchin'. One hour before the promised ready time, they called and said, "Come 'n get it." I did, and it rocked. I am thrilled that I can now listen to my iPod, in full CD quality, in my car. It's a simple pleasure, I realize, but that's what life is all about, right? So what goes in the notebook that we can learn from? 1) Follow through. They called back when they said they would with answers to my questions. 2) Professionalism. They were polite, knowledgeable on their products, my car, and the installation. 3) Attention to detail. The shop was immaculate. They instilled trust. The installation looks like a factory job. 4) They up-sold me something I really needed, so I was more than happy to buy and appreciated the creative thinking. 5) They over delivered. I came away with a better solution than I had even hoped for. Oh, and the clencher? When I came in to pick up and pay, the price for the custom dock was less than I expected AND after I wrote the check he noticed he forgot to add the $37 shipping for the special ordered product. I said, "No problem, I can write another check..." but he said, "Ah, don't worry about it, just come back and see us next time you need something." Darn right I will. And I'm telling everyone I know that Sounds Fast in Bend, OR is the pinnacle of mobile audio shops.
- Kevin Kubota