About Us

SOUNDS FAST was opened in the fall of 2001 with the intention to offer mobile electronics customers the kind of customer service and installation quality they weren't used to getting in Central Oregon. SOUNDS FAST is staffed by a highly trained crew of experienced professionals with a combined experience of almost over 80 years in the mobile electronics industry. We are not here to just sell you something. We are here to build a relationship with you and take care of any auto and marine audio and tint needs you may have now or in the future.

When integrating mobile electronics into your vehicle or boat, there are several parts to the equation. Anybody can simply pick out the most expensive item in a store but if it isn't installed or used properly then it becomes no good to you. Your visit with us will start with one of our highly trained and experienced sales staff who will help you achieve your goals with your vehicle or boat by getting you into the right components. Once it is agreed on what components we are going to use we will then either get you an appointment scheduled or put your vehicle in the install bay so we can start integrating your lifestyle and make your commute or hobby more enjoyable. During the installation process the upmost of care will be taken while working on your vehicle. Custom made for SOUNDS FAST seat and fender covers will always be used, and any panels we feel could be damaged while we are in the car will either be covered or masked off assuring that the panel won't be damaged in any way. Once the installation is complete, the vehicle's interior will be cleaned of any evidence showing we were ever there. After the installation is complete your salesperson will do a complete walk through and demonstration of your new equipment making sure you understand how to use all the functions.



We are a firm believer at SOUNDS FAST to accomplish the seamless installations we perform we have to have the right tools and facility. We are equipped with a full cabinet-grade wood shop, metal fabricating tools and abilities, a full collection of tinting tools and upholstery tools. Our facility is large enough to allow us to accommodate full size RVs and boats keeping your prized possession secure and dry while we are working on it. Having the right facility and tools keeps the costs for you down as there isn't too much need to farm work out to other shops.


When you made the decision on which vehicle to purchase, it was an investment of your time and money. Here at SOUNDS FAST we recognize and respect this. A customers budget and expectations are always our main concern when making recommendations as to what components to use. Once the components have been chosen our next priority is maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of your vehicle's interior. At no time will your vehicle be altered without your prior approval. Lifestyle integration into a vehicle shouldn't be left to a "big box store employee"- stop by today and experience seamless perfection for yourself from SOUNDS FAST.


April 6, 2008 Thank you so much for participating and supporting the Dara Hatcher Foundation fundraisers in Bend, Eugene and Springfield Your many acts of kindness and generosity to my family, Dante and me will long be remembered. We are so humbled. I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am to be able to afford the co-pays at medical appointments, to pay our rent and utilities and to take care of Dante. As many of you know, I have been home from the hospital for three weeks recovering from several surgeries. My family is still in Bend helping Dante and me with daily living needs. I am feeling a little better each day and am getting much needed healing rest. The next phase of my treatment will be radiation beginning April 17th. I have an excellent oncology team and am looking forward to putting cancer in my past. Dante and I send each of you our most sincere appreciation for all you've done for us. We want you to know that you have lifted our spirits and reminded us of the goodness that surrounds us.
- Dara Hatcher and Dante