Car Audio

Whether you're looking to upgrade the sound quality of your factory system, add more bass, or replace your factory speakers, Sounds Fast has a wide range of solutions to fit your vehicle.


Replacing the in-dash unit of your vehicles has quite a few benefits. Maybe your vehicle's in-dash unit doesn't have a feature you want such as an AUX port or USB port. Maybe you want in-dash navigation or Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. We offer the latest in in-dash technology from the leading car audio manufactures on the market today. Stop by today and experience what you are missing in your dash.


Most customers that come into our store have a misconception of what amplifiers do. Most people think all that amplifiers do is make the audio system louder. While this is true, they do far more than that. Not only does an amplifier help your system play louder at high volumes, they give your audio system a fuller sound at low volumes. Amplifiers also clean up the signal going to your speakers which will help the life of your speakers. Distortion is the number one thing that destroys speakers and it is far easier to add distortion to your audio system by under powering the speakers than it is by over powering them. Here at Sounds Fast we offer amplifiers in all power ratings and price ranges. Come in and experience what adding an amplifier to your audio system can do for you.


When most customers think of subwoofers all they think about is the car next to them at a stop light that has the bass so loud it is rattling the interior of their car. While subwoofers will do this if you want them to, it is not the main reason for adding one to your audio system. No matter how good the speakers in your vehicle are, they will never reproduce the low end bass that a subwoofer will produce. Adding a subwoofer to your audio system will add the excitement back to your music. Subwoofers came in all shapes and sizes with some being small enough to fit under the seat of your car or truck. While most subwoofers require an amplifier to power them, we do offer quite a few that are self powered. Our demonstration room is the perfect place to experience what adding a subwoofer to your vehicle can do for your daily commute.


Upgrading your speakers is the most noticeable improvement you can make to your vehicle. Most vehicle manufactures today offer "premium" name branded audio systems in their vehicles. What most customers don't realize is these so called upgraded audio systems still don't compare to what you can do with aftermarket equipment. In fact most of these "premium" systems are simply a name on the speaker grill. When we pull these factory upgraded speakers out of most cars and show them to the customer, you can see the disappointment on their face. Simply upgrading your factory speakers in your vehicle will make a world of difference in the way that the vehicle sounds. Grab some of your favorite music and come in and experience what changing your speakers can do to your vehicle's audio system.


Satellite Radio

How often have you been traveling somewhere and lost your radio reception? Adding SiriusXM to your audio system will cure this problem by giving you over 200 channels of music, sports, news, traffic, weather, talk radio(monthly subscription required) and almost any other form of media you can think of. With SiriusXM installed in your vehicle you will have peace of mind knowing that you will be able to listen to your favorite program wherever you travel in the U.S. and Canada

Sound Deadening

Here at Sounds Fast we are huge advocates of installing sound deadening products in your vehicle. Not only does sound deadening help improve the overall sound quality of your audio system, it will also reduce the amount of road and engine noise that comes into the interior of your vehicle through the sheet metal. Vehicle manufactures are doing whatever they can to reduce weight in today's modern vehicles. Weight reduction helps with fuel economy. Sound deadening is one of the first things they remove during the design process of a new vehicle. We can get your vehicle to be far more quite than when you purchased it without any major loss of fuel economy by applying our sound deadening treatment. Come in and experience the difference for yourself.

Current Brands

We are proud to offer the best brands currently available in the car audio industry. Our current product mix consists of equipment from Kenwood eXcelon, Alpine, Pioneer, JL Audio, Hertz, Audison, AAMP Of America, Stinger, MESA Mat, MESA wire, Audio Control, and Scosche. Stop by today and experience the largest selection of mobile electronics available in Central Oregon.