Reverse Radar Sensors

Technology has made it possible today to dramatically improve safety on the road- and that begins with the simple things, like backing up and parking safely. Sounds Fast carries a full line of front and rear observation technologies and collision avoidance systems designed with the industries latest enhancements to ensure confidence and safety. And, of course, because you are having Sounds Fast install your sensor kit, we assure that quality reigns supreme with these best-in-class solutions.

Driving with a six sense

The PSD100/200 from Advent is a digital self learning sensor kit that can detect obstacles from up to 6 feet away from the bumper. The system can be installed as either a rear or front system. When using it as a front detection system the kit has a reduced range and uses 'Active Learning' to detect only obstacles which are getting closer to the vehicle, eliminating false warnings.

The system can learn to ignore vehicle mounted objects such as bike racks, mounted spare tires, and/or hitch mounted accessories. This feature eliminates false alarms from these types of objects on the vehicle.

When towing a trailer the PSD100/200 can be muted just like a factory system when in reverse to eliminate false alerts due to the trailer. The system will automatically re-arm once the vehicle is started up again.

Don't let your family become a statistic by accidentally backing over one of them. Sounds Fast can install your rear radar sensor kit today. We always have these in stock.