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2016 Jeep Wrangler

Most people don't realize we offer far more than just mobile electronics and window tint. This Jeep is a perfect example of our versatility. The owner supplied the bumpers and spare tire holder and we installed them for him while also wiring up the supplied lights that came in the bumpers. We then did a complete audio upgrade. The audio system starts with a 9" Alpine Wrangler specific Apple CarPlay unit with a switching network that allows the owner to control his lights, etc. through the touchscreen. The signal then goes to a JL Audio amp, Hertz speakers front and rear and a JL Audio stealthbox in the back. For additional lighting we added a pair of VisionX Cannons mounted to the pillars with Wrangler specific brackets. To enhance the interior, the customer requested a specific leather kit from Katzkin. Now this Jeep is ready for all that the owner decides to throw at it.