Radar Detection

We are all culprits of it whether we like to admit or not. SPEEDING! Sometimes it's intentional and sometimes it's a complete accident. Either way you shouldn't go out on the road unprotected. At Sounds Fast we carry the latest in radar and laser detection technology from the leading radar detection manufactures. Radar detectors aren't just for people with fast or flashy vehicles. Everybody can benefit from having a radar detector with them while driving America's highways. Maybe you don't like seeing a detector hanging from your windshield or mounted on the dash. No worries, we sell a complete line of integrated radar systems from both ESCORT and K40. Integrated radar systems are installed in your vehicle so that there are no visible components to the naked eye.

Do you own more than one vehicle? If so, maybe a portable detector is the best option for you. Having a windshield mounted system allows you to take the detector with you from vehicle to vehicle giving you protection in whatever vehicle you are driving. Here at Sounds Fast we have a great selection of radar detectors available in all price ranges. Stop by today and let us help you find the right radar detector for you and your vehicle.

Current Radar Manufactures

Our current radar detection manufactures consist of ESCORT, BEL Radar and K40. This is the top 3 manufactures available. Stop by today and let us show you how to keep your insurance premiums from going up.

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