Mobile Video

Rear Seat Entertainment

Don’t you wish you could just bring your family room with you on a long road trip, (or even a short one!) so that your passengers can stay as relaxed and entertained as they are at home? As it turns out, turning your car into an entertainment center on wheels by installing rear seat video actually isn’t as hard as you might think.

Why You Should Consider Getting a Back Seat Entertainment System

There are a few ways to achieve the bliss of rear seat video... The simplest and most popular way is by getting a headrest video monitor installed. Headrest monitors allow you to view DVDs and depending on the model, some also seamlessly support smartphone integration, USB, and SD cards. By replacing your factory headrest with one that matches the interior of your vehicle and includes a built in video monitor, you get two monitors that have the ability to play two different things at the same time. So no more loud, kicking and screaming, and fighting over what to watch! The simplest and most popular way is by getting a headrest video monitor installed.

Entertain kids and grown ups in the car

Another popular option is the overhead video monitor which is a larger, single monitor installed into the ceiling of the vehicle. This option is perfect for playing two player video games (that’s right, I said video games!), or for passengers who enjoy watching the same program together.

How does the Sound Work?

Both the overhead and headrest video monitors can play sound through wireless and wired headphones so that everyone can happily listen to what they want without bothering other passengers.

Simple Tablet Integration

Finally, if you or your passenger have a tablet: A simple solution is to use a headrest mounting system that attaches easily to the back of the passenger or driver’s side seats. Change the tilt for the best viewing angle then safely and easily remove it at the end of your trip.
Keeping your back seat passengers entertained means a happier driving experience for everyone in the car. And if kids are involved, whether or not they are occupied and distracted (so that you’re not!) can be the difference between a good trip or a very, very, bad one. We offer all of these solutions so give us a call here at Sounds Fast and we can help you decide which option best fits your needs and your vehicle.

Current Mobile Video Lines

Our current rear seat entertainment manufactures are Audiovox and Rosen Entertainment. Most of our available rear seat entertainment products are on display. Come on by today and see how we can make your road trip more enjoyable.


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