Smartphone Integration

Simply put.....the smartphone has changed the way we live. Who would've ever thought that we would carry our lives around on a 6" screen in our pocket. With the convenience of the smart phone, why wouldn't you want to integrate it into your vehicle? Here at Sounds Fast we have many ways that allow you to use your smartphone in your vehicle. Maybe you want to play Pandora or Spotify or whatever music server you might be a fan of or maybe you are simply looking to be able to make and receive calls while driving or maybe you want to access all of your smartphone apps.....whatever options you are looking to access on your smartphone, we can make it happen at Sounds Fast.

To everyone at Sounds Fast, I just wanted to write and say thank you very much for your donation for my trip to Las Vegas for the Miss USA pageant. I really appreciated the help and just wanted you to know. Vegas was an incredible experience! I didn't win, but had a great time, nonetheless. Thanks again!
- Kate Paul, Miss Oregon USA 2010